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Make the Choux Puff

  1. Make the Choux Puff

    • Mix all the dry ingredients, then add the water, Blue Band Margarine Gold Master stir 1/2 smooth.
    • Round and the rest + 10 minutes.
    • Cut crosswise, put the Blue Band Master Pastry Fat in the middle (envelope seams) roll lengthwise, folding with a single crease, rotate 900, then roll back to a single crease, rest + 20 minutes.
    • Perform as the above, five to 6 x single crease. Rest each + 2x crease for 20 minutes.
    • Roll + 3 mm thick, cut a length of 9x9 cm with a diameter of 6cm. Fill the sus, give 1 teaspoon topping, flatten.
    • Close the puff, press four points up thight, smear with eggs, grill until golden brown.
    • After cold, inject with custard filling from the bottom of choux puff that have been hollowed, sprinkle top with refined sugar.