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Making the Coffee

  • Coffee Powder 1 tbsp
  • Water 4 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tbsp

Making the Butter Cream

  • Blue Band Master White Cream Fat 15kg 800 g
  • Blue Band Master Cake Margarine 15kg 200 g
  • Simple Syrup 600 g
  • Mocha Paste, as needed

Making the Cake

  • Egg (7 pieces) 350 g
  • Egg Yolk (3 pieces) 50 g
  • Sugar 160 g
  • Stabilizer 12 g
  • Medium Protein Flour 130 g
  • Corn Starch (Maizena) 10 g
  • Blue Band Master Cake Margarine 15kg 125 g
  1. Making the Coffee

    • Boil all ingredients and strain it.

  2. Making the Butter Cream

    • Whisk the white cream fat and cake margarine and pour the simple syrup. Then, whisk them again until it's soft and add the mocha paste. Mix them well.

  3. Making the Cake

    • Whisk the egg, sugar, stabilizer for a while and add dry ingredients and mix them well.
    • Add the melted margarine and mix them. Then, put it in a baking pan at 180⁰ C until it is well done.
    • After baking the sponge cake, wait the temperature until it is getting cooler and pour the sponge cake with coffee and cover it with butter cream.
    • Cover the surface of the sponge cake with butter cream and decorate the cake as you want to and dusting it with chocolate powder.

    *125 g Blue Band Master Cake Margarine (melted)