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Make the Butter Cream

  • White Shortening 500.0 g
  • Soft Cream 400.0 g
  • Buttery Margarine 100.0 g
  • Simple Syrup 300.0 g

Make the Chocolate Butter Cream

  • Ready-to-use Butter Cream 250.0 g
  • Dark Chocolate, melted 200.0 g

Make the Cake

  • Ready to use chocolate sponge cake Size 10x30 cm 2.0 pc
  • Ready to use puff pastry Size 10x30 cm 3.0 pc
  1. Make the Butter Cream

    1. Mix white shortening, soft cream, and margarine.
    2. Put in simple syrup and mix until smooth.
  2. Make the Chocolate Butter Cream

    1. Mix ready-to-use butter cream with melted dark chocolate.
  3. Make the Cake

    1. Smear the puff pastry with chocolate butter cream, arrange the sponge cake over it and then smear with another butter cream. Repeat the steps.
    2. Spread the top of the cake with white butter cream, garnish with fresh fruit or anything you like.