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How to Cook Special Porridge

  1. How to Cook Special Porridge

    • Wash the rice, then put it in clean water. Add bay leaves and lemon grass.
    • Put in frying oil, shallot, oyster sauce & sesame oil, then stir well constantly.
    • Boil chicken wings, season with oyster sauce, sesame oil & Bango soya sauce. Remove from the heat after well cooked. Strain the liquid, use it for porridge stock.
    • Simmer the porridge, keep it stirring.
    • Season the porridge with Knorr Seasoning for Vegetables, served with Bango soya sauce, salty soya sauce, cakue and tong cay.
    • Garnish the porridge with celery, leek, fried shallot and boiled egg.